Monday, December 04, 2006

And the countdown continues

Well, the surgeons just couldn't let Chile's Pinnochett die a peaceful death at the age of 91. Nope, the old tyrant was going into heart failure so they simply had to strap him to an operating table and crack those ribs! I'm sure the old codger will have a much better quality of life after he recovers from his bypass.

Speaking of quality of life, my angina symptoms have pretty much disappeared and my BP is hanging in right where I want it to be, about 90/50. I can't say I am as good as new, but for a fellow who will be 59 next month and didn't allow the cutters to give him a quintuple bypass nearly three years ago to extend my life beyond the three months they said I would probably live, I feel a helluva lot better than Augusto Pinnochett.

If you are told you need a coronary bypass IMMEDIATELY or you may die or have a heart attack, tell your interventionalist cardiologist to put his pen in his pocket and throw away those permit papers with your name on them -- you are going to get a second opinion from a noninvasive cardiologist! And then get that second opinion.

Dr. Howard Wayne may be gone, but his website is still up and full of great lifesaving information. Visit it at

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