Sunday, October 28, 2007

Still Ticking

Well, I am back in Indianapolis, ten days after finishing my EECP therapy in San Antonio. I consider the treatment to have been 95% effective in reducing the number and intensity of angina symptoms. Since returning lined eight days ago, I have had perhaps six angina events, all but one of which was self-limiting, lasting a minute or two and not requiring nitroglycerin. The one in which I used one NTG, subsided before the medication melted under my tongue.

My stamina and physical endurance are better that than they were pre-EECP therapy. I sleep better at night and have not taken naps in the day. My mobility is better. I get out of bed with much less struggling than before and most of problems I do have moving I attribute to my Parkinson's disease.

I would recommend EECP to anyone who has coronary artery disease and who do not want to undergo the traumatic and invasive surgical coronary artery bypass graft. Three years and seven months ago, I was told by a cardiologist that I was a walking time bomb. He wanted me to undergo a quintuple bypass two days later. I decided to get a second opinion and am certainly glad I did.

If anyone wants to ask questions about my EECP experience or any other aspect of my experience with angina and coronary artery disease, please leave a comment.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Countdown Begins

Well, just ten more therapy sessions and I'll be done with my EECP. While the results are not yet what I had hoped them to be, the angina has decreased in frequency, length and intensity. I haven't used nitroglycerin in at least a week. My stamina is generally better although I do take a short nap most days and I didn't before beginning EECP.

I had hoped I might have a complete absence of angina symptoms as I did for over two years on Dr. Wayne's medication regimen. I would definitely say so far EECP has been a success so far.