Sunday, October 10, 2010


Energy. It changes form but never dies or disappears. All things, organic and inorganic share one thing in common. They are made up of energy, energy that is always present in the universe.

Of late, I have begun experiencing the energy within me. I can actually tune into the electrical changes that occur in my body and through meditation and study have learned this energy has always existed and will always exist in one or more of the many dimensions or planes in which it comes to be.

Do you realize the significance of this fact? We never die. More to be revealed later.

Thursday, October 07, 2010


In September I began having palpitations, usually in the evening. I was fitted with a halter monitor which I wore for 48 hours. No abnormalities were observed. I began course of 35 session of ECP and have 10 more to go. The palpitations continue and are accompanied frequently by PVCs. Two nights ago, I had a bout of midsternal chest pain, probably angina. My BP was about 140-150/80-90 at the time. There was some mild sweating. This lasted about half an hour. Th next night, while taking my BP with a digital cuff that beeps when the heart beats, I had a 5 second runof pretty fast taachycardia. The pulse had been reading in the mid 70s before this event and was reorded at 111 after the tachycardia. There were abolutely no symptoms at this time.

I havean appointment with my cardiologist on October 14. I will keep those interested posted.