Friday, May 30, 2008

Vision #4 - Surviving the Impending Global Energy Crisis

Those who have been reading my blog for a while have read two visions I had in December. They were among my early posts and they involved events that have occurred since the visions. On Sunday, 26 May, I had a very vivid vision in four parts. I have been reluctant to post it, but my spirit guide has adamantly indicated I need to do so. I have called this Vision #4. The other two visions in this blog are #1 and #2. Vision #3 was of a personal nature. Starting with Vision #4, I will number all visions and post those I feel are pertinent to the public.

Vision #4 appeared to me as a newsreel, similar to the news that movie theaters would put on the screen before the feature, half century ago. It was narrated by my main spirit guide, The conductor.

Vision #4

Within four years, there will be a drastic worldwide shortage of oil. Oil companies are unable to meet demands. All major economic sectors of the global economy will break down. Shortages in food, potable water, heating fuel and medicine have caused civil unrest. All 50 governors in the USA will declare martial law. The unemployment rate in all industrialized countries will rival current third world rates.

This scenario is inevitable. It cannot be averted or postponed, no matter what measure are now taken. Part 2 of the vision will be posted soon. It outlines things individuals can do to survive.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vatican Chief Astronomer on Aliens

Jose Gabriel Funes—the Vatican’s chief astronomer, director of the Vatican Observatory, and science advisor to the Pope—stated that space aliens could exist.

Funes made his comments in the Vatican newspaper (L'Osservatore Romano) article “The Extraterresrial is My Brother,” which was published on Tuesday, May 13, 2008.

Talking about the largeness of the universe and how life on other planets could exist, Funes stated, “In my opinion this possibility exists. Astronomers believe the universe is made up of 100 billion galaxies, each of which consists of 100 billion stars. ... Life forms could exist in theory even without oxygen or hydrogen."

Funes says that believing in alien life forms does not contradict the Catholic faith in God.

He added, "How can we rule out that life may have developed elsewhere. Just as we consider earthly creatures as 'a brother,' and 'sister,' why should we not talk about an 'extraterrestrial brother'? It would still be part of creation."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When Continents Collide

The massive earthquake in the Sechuan Province of China Monday was caused by a continuing collision between India and Asia. Fifty million years ago, when India was a giant continental-sized island, it crashed into southern Asia. India continues to slide north at the rate of two inches a year. The stresses generated by this movement push up the Himalaya Mountains and create multiple earthquakes between Afghanistan and China annually.

Monday's earthquake was rated a massive 7.9 on the Richter Scale. Aftershocks as great as an extremely destructive 6.0 followed immediately and smaller aftershocks have been continuing since Monday.

With 15,000 or more people killed and upwards to 18,000 still missing, the Sechuan earthquake is the biggest to hit China since 1976 when nearly a quarter of a million people perished. Fearing potentiallt devastating floods should earthquake-damaged dams burst, more than 2000 Chinese soldiers have been sent tot he region to make repairs to the largest structure, Zipingpa Dam. There are more than 391 smaller dams in the region that also have been damaged.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Sedona?

Some people have asked what it is that draws me to Sedona. The simple answer is, I don't really know. A few months ago, I had a vision that indicated I am to travel to Sedona. At the time, I wasn't even aware of the significance of this small town in northern Arizona.

I have since learned that Sedona has one of the largest populations per capita of psychically gifted people. Not only is the scenery of the area unique and most conducive to fostering psychic and spiritual activities, Sedona is the home to not less than 15 energy vortexes.

I hope to be living in Sedona within the next few month, certainly by the end of October. Come back to this blog for more information on the progress I am making in getting there and to learn what happens after we arrive and get settled in.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weather Warning

With nearly 100 people killed in U.S tornadoes in the first four months and two weeks of 2008, this year has become the deadliest from tornadoes that were among the largest ever recorded. No one is sure how many deaths in Mynamar from Cyclone Nargis last week. This morning there is a report of 900 school children buried in an earthquake in China.

Can there be any doubt that we are entering another period of unusually violent weather and natural disasters around the world? What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? If you will visit some of the links on this blog, you will find a great deal of information and current data on all sorts of natural phenomenon.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

affirmations May 12 thru 18

May 12 - I am determined to overcome threats to my personal development.

May 13 - I am potential, determined to develop the talents and opportunities I have been given.

May 14 - I use my courage and strength to take new risks and complete difficult tasks

May 16 - I have learned that balance is the key to joy, inner serenity and fulfilling relationships with self and others.

May 17 - I am ready to take on new challenges to my creative growth and test the skills I have already developed.

May 18 - I know the joy of giving and of receiving; my love is a source of healing for myself and others.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Lucky Man

Michael J. Fox and I have a couple of things in common. We both have Parkinson's disease and we both are, as in the title of his book, Lucky Men. How can I consider myself lucky when I have such a dreaded disease? Because it is not as dreaded as some other diseases.

Before I was diagnosed with P.D., in 1996, I was certain I was suffering from Amytrophic Laterasl Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's disease, a much more serious and rapidly fatal neuromuscular disease. I even avoided going to my primary care physician for fear of the death sentence I was sure he would inform me of.

But my symptoms kept getting worse and soon I was having difficulty ambulating, getting out of my car and rising from my bed, causing my significant-other to insist I make a doctor's appointment.

While seated in Dr. Cervante's waiting room, I tried to imagine how I would react to the inevitable news I had ALS. Soon, my name was called and I walked back into my doctor's inner sanctum. He was standing at the end of the hall. As I approached him, Dr. Cervante asked, "How long have you had Parkinson's disease, Jeff?"

"Is that all it is, Parkinson's?" I managed to say with a wide smile on my face and relief in my voice.

"Is that all?" he replied, "Isn't that enough?"

"More than enough for a man who was certain until a few minutes ago he had Lou Gehrig's disease," I answered.

That day changed my life. Not only will I never jump to conclusions about my health again, I will gladly accept whatever disease or condition I am inflicted with because I was given it for a reason.

I will always look on the up side and force all negative thoughts from my mind. No challenge is ever laid on us that we cannot handle and that wasn't meant for us to learn from. I may not move as fast as I used to and I may be slow in getting out of bed and out of my car, but, I am a lucky man.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Explain This

I was walking down a wide trail in Eagle Creek Park yesterday. I had been birding for about three hours at the time and wasn't moving very fast. The usual hikers, runners and bicyclists were enjoying the warm spring day along with me.

There was very little ground cover and the leaves were still small on the trees, allowing for excellent visibility. I was approaching a point where the trail I was on intersected with another equally large one. I looked to the right down the trail that crossed and saw a rather tall Caucasian hiker wearing a gray t-shirt, blue shorts and tennis shoes walking toward where the two trails intersected. His hair was light brown.

The man continued walking when he went behind a tree that was rather big in circumference. He never came out the other side. At the pace he was walking, he should have only been blocked from view behind that tree for a couple of seconds at the most. I kept watching for him to come out from behind the tree, either in the direction he had been walking or the opposite.

Then I thought the man had stopped behind the tree, perhaps to rest or relieve himself. I continued to wait for him to appear from behind the tree. After a couple of minutes, curiosity got the better of me and I went to the tree. There was no one behind it.

The man was not an illusion. When I saw him, he appeared to be a normal living human being. He was not translucent nor did he resemble, in any way, something I would call a ghost. Yet, he had disappeared as surely as if illusionist/magician David Copperfield had conjured him out of the picture.

I offer this small event to the reader and ask you, what do you think I saw? How did this man, walking so normal down a wooded trail in a city park come to disappear behind a tree?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pileated Woodpecker

I went birding in my favorite park yesterday, Eagle Creek Park in far west Indianapolis. Before the day was over, I enjoyed an almost mystical meeting, up close and personal, with a pileated woodpecker, one of the largest woodpeckers in the USA.

I was sitting on a trail observing the trees around me and listening to the birds. Suddenly, out of no where, this majestic black and white bird with a bright red crest landed on a rotten stump less than six feet from where I sat.

I know he saw me because he looked directly at me. But this beautiful bird simply continued searching for insects in the stump. He stayed with me about five minutes, shifting to three other stumps within a radius of about 10 feet. He almost seemed tame.

Some interesting facts about the pileated woodpecker:

  • The Pileated Woodpecker digs characteristically rectangular holes in trees to find ants. These excavations can be so broad and deep that they can cause small trees to break in half.
  • A Pileated Woodpecker pair stays together on its territory all year round. It will defend the territory in all seasons, but will tolerate floaters during the winter.
  • The feeding excavations of a Pileated Woodpecker are so extensive that they often attract other birds. Other woodpeckers, as well as House Wrens, may come and feed there.
  • The Pileated Woodpecker prefers large trees for nesting. In young forests, it will use any large trees remaining from before the forest was cut. Because these trees are larger than the rest of the forest, they present a lightning hazard to the nesting birds.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Positive Affirmations

I was first introduced to the concept of Positive Affirmations when I was a sergeant stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in the mid 1980's. A couple dozen of us were preparing for the Combat Medic Mini Marathon that was to be held at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

I was accustomed to running two to four miles at a time but was no where near ready to the more than 13 miles of running required in a mini marathon. After a few weeks of training, I was able to break the six mile mark but there seemed to be a wall that was stopping me from running any further.

Frustrated, I even had thoughts of dropping out of the group going to the mini marathon and when I expressed these negative thoughts to the sergeant major of our unit, the man in charge of our training and the leader of our group, he chided me for even thinking of being a quitter. He told me he had a secret that will allow me to finish the mini marathon.

"Jeff, when you reach the point in the run you feel you can't go any further, I want you to start reciting, over and over again, either out loud or silently, 'I look great, I feel great, I act great, I am great,'" the sergeant major told me.

This was the first time I ever heard of positive affirmations but the sergeant major had never steered me wrong in the past so I decided to give it a try. The very next training run, repeating the sergeant major's simple mantra in my brain, over and over again, I managed to surpass the six mile mark and make it to the seven mile point as well. Within a week, my affirmation was taking me eight miles, then nine, until finally, a month after beginning to recite my positive affirmation, I was completing the 13 mile training run.

Positive affirmation is a powerful psychological tool that allows us to push ourselves beyond what we previously believed was our limit of endurance. I recently began a program of daily positive affirmations as part of my spiritual preparations for relocating to Sedona, Arizona. These simple exercises have brought clarity to my mind and enhanced my sense of purpose.

I would like the reader to consider using a daily positive affirmation in your life. I will even make it easy for you by listing the affirmations I used last week. All you have to do is wake up in the morning, go to a quiet place, and spend your first waking ten minutes of the day repeating a positive affirmation. I also try to set aside ten minutes in mid morning, after lunch, in mid afternoon and after supper to say the positive affirmation of the day. I think you will be surprised at the difference positive affirmations will make in your life.

Daily Positive Affirmations
May 4 to May 10, 2008

Sunday, May 4 - I use my courage and strength to take new risks and complete difficult tasks.

Monday, May 5 - I am openness, willing to show myself to others, ready to receive their confidences.

Tuesday, May 6 - I gather the strength to open my eyes and see the sources of my mental confusion.

Wednesday, May 7 - I am potential, committed to developing the talents and opportunities I have been given.

Thursday, May 8 - I am stability and movement, able to keep my balance in the midst of change and competing desires.

Friday, May 9 - I am new emotional energy, I open myself to experience its depths, I give voice to my longings and desires.

Saturday, May 10 - I am a fruitful gardener, ready for harvest, created by hard work, discipline and organization.

If the concept of a daily affirmation is new to you or if this is something you already knew about but were not in the habit of practicing, I would be interested in your thoughts about daily positive affirmations. Why not give it a try and then send a comment about your experience?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Love & Wisdom

Man knows love exists, but doesn't know what love is. The word is used every day in so many ways: love of country, brotherly love, a husband loving his wife, a love of sports or a love of material things, a love of life. Yes, love is a word which is often used but seldom understood.

As misunderstood as the concept of love is, more and more people in the world are beginning to realize we should all be striving for that highest form of love -- Divine love. This is a love derived from God and directed toward God and all living creatures, unconditionally. God is the very essence of love, without Him, there can be no love.

Love cannot exist without wisdom. Love and wisdom make up the very core of what God is. God loves everyone from love in Himself and leads everyone to wisdom from Himself. The love God gives us is ours to give everyone else, but first, we must love ourselves as we love God.

From divine love and wisdom flows the good and the truth. Everything that proceeds from love is called good and everything that proceeds from wisdom is called truth. May all of our eyes be open to the goodness and truth in the universe.

Love and Light,