Friday, May 30, 2008

Vision #4 - Surviving the Impending Global Energy Crisis

Those who have been reading my blog for a while have read two visions I had in December. They were among my early posts and they involved events that have occurred since the visions. On Sunday, 26 May, I had a very vivid vision in four parts. I have been reluctant to post it, but my spirit guide has adamantly indicated I need to do so. I have called this Vision #4. The other two visions in this blog are #1 and #2. Vision #3 was of a personal nature. Starting with Vision #4, I will number all visions and post those I feel are pertinent to the public.

Vision #4 appeared to me as a newsreel, similar to the news that movie theaters would put on the screen before the feature, half century ago. It was narrated by my main spirit guide, The conductor.

Vision #4

Within four years, there will be a drastic worldwide shortage of oil. Oil companies are unable to meet demands. All major economic sectors of the global economy will break down. Shortages in food, potable water, heating fuel and medicine have caused civil unrest. All 50 governors in the USA will declare martial law. The unemployment rate in all industrialized countries will rival current third world rates.

This scenario is inevitable. It cannot be averted or postponed, no matter what measure are now taken. Part 2 of the vision will be posted soon. It outlines things individuals can do to survive.

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