Sunday, June 01, 2008

Vision #4 Continued

High fuel prices and increasing shortages will inevitably lead to increased lawlessness when formerly law abiding people are unable to heat their homes or drive their cars. Just as drive-aways at gas stations have already increased, hijackings of tank trucks will begin to occur. A gasoline black market will emerge which will result in an increase in other crimes against people and property. Local and state law enforcement authorities will be taxed to their limits and they will stop responding to "victimless crimes." Drug abuse will skyrocket and a vicious spiral of increased crime will ensue.

Public hospital, many of which are already unable to adequately meet demands, will find it impossible to keep up with increased patient loads. Private hospitals will soon follow. There will be a shortage of many drugs and other critical medical supplies. Doctors and nurses, taxed to their physical limits, will start making tragic medical errors. It will be a common perception that "Hospitals are where you go to die."

Rioting will lead to looting of grocery stores and there regional food shortages will become nationwide. Jobless men and women will find work with private "security" companies which will eventually become militias in a futile attempt to maintain order. These quasi-military organizations will soon become more and more acceptable and powerful. A vigilante justice system will handle more crimes than the local and state courts. State and federal military law enforcement will more and more begin turning a blind eye to the militias because they will provide a semblance of law and order. However, citizens outraged at the ensuing loss of constitutional freedoms will rebel and civil unrest that started as rioting will transform into virtual civil war.

As I wrote in my last post, this scenario cannot be prevented. It is too late for that and frankly, since it was the federal government's own policies and actions that contributed to the environment that leads to this outcome, I doubt any of the powers-that-be know how to avert it even if they wanted to.

The next post will discuss what people can do to avoid the worst of the impending crisis.

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