Sunday, June 01, 2008

Vision #4 Continued

It is still possible for individuals and families to react. What can you do to survive the impending crisis? Here is an outline of a five-point plan:

1. RETURN TO THE LAND. Build homesteads that are from 7 to 10 acres in size. Take extension courses in animal husbandry and other farming subjects. Read as much as you can about how agriculture was done in the last century. Plant orchards, build greenhouses and start gardening. Learn how to preserve your crops. Raise livestock that are easy and economical -- chickens, pigs, rabbits.

2. DEVELOP AND RELY ON ALTERNATIVE POWER SOURCES. Use solar and wind power for your electricity needs. Become totally energy independent.

3. USE ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION. It is not enough to buy a hybrid or alternative fuel source vehicle. Bicycles will become your most common form of transport. a horse and wagon will be used for chores around the homestead and for traveling longer distances than a bicycle is practical for or to carry objects that you can't on a bike.

4. RELEARN THE OLD WAYS. Learn to make soap and candles like your great-grandmother did. Preserve fruits, vegetables and meats. Learn herbal medicine and start collecting herbs that will become part of your medicine cabinet. Relearn your psychic gifts that you have always had but have forgotten about. Take courses in emergency medicine, especially minor surgical techniques. Obtain medical instruments and supplies so you can practice what you have learned.

5. PREPARE TO DEFEND YOURSELF. Obtain and learn how to use firearms. Stockpile ammunition. Learn personal self-defense techniques. Join your local sheriff or police reserves. Set up points of defense and drill all the members of your family on what to do should you need to react to an attack on your homestead.

If your homestead is near a major population center, you will have to respond to attempts by people who will be unprepared for the impending crisis and who will come to take what you have. This planning is not for a possible future event, it is to prepare for a crisis that will be upon us all too soon.

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