Friday, November 13, 2009

Justice at Fort Hood

Does anyone else find it ironic that the man accused of murdering 13 soldiers and civilians on Fort Hood a week ago, MAJ Nadil Hasan, will be judged in by a military courts martial rather than the State of Texas? No courts martial in the last half century has resulted in an execution. Texas is, without question, the most prolific enforcer of the death penalty.

Now I am not a great proponent of the death penalty. In fact, with very few exceptions, I believe that executions should be banned. What exceptions? Mass murder, serial murder, serial rapists, killers of law enforcement officers and other public officials in which there is absolutely no doubt of the guilt of the defendants.

While I am a retired Army master sergeant and believer of military justice, I wonder if anything short of the death sentence for the person who perpetrated the mass murder at Fort Hood is real justice. I would have preferred to see the State of Texas adjudicate this case.

Perhaps it is not too late. Let the Army have its courts martial on the murders of the military members who were killed and let the state try MAJ Hasan for the civilian murders. Doesn't that sound fair?