Sunday, April 27, 2008

Energy & Heartbeats

Energy. It goes on forever and can be measured. Millions of electromagnetically charged photons are produced each time the heart beats. That is not only human hearts, but animal hearts as well.

What happens to these photons emitted by the electrical action of the heart? Since they are tiny particles of light, they travel away from the body at 186,000 miles per second, the speed of light. So the photons produced by each and every heartbeat on earth travels infinitely through the universe. These photons are real. There are instruments physicists and other scientists use to measure them.

Another interesting fact: Each person's or animal's heartbeat is unique, like a fingerprint. Since they could conceivably be used to identify the source heart, doesn't it make sense that souls may be able to use the photons emitted by heartbeats to seek and find each other? Think about it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Afterlife Experiments

This book by Dr. Gary E. Schawartz, PhD, (2002, Pocket Books) announces scientific evidence of life after death. The author making the claim is a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery at the University of Arizona and director of its Human Energy Systems laboratory.

What Schwartz and his partner, Linda G. Russek, Phd, did, was to take five of the top mediums in the United States and subject them to rigorous experiments, each subsequent experiment more restrictive than the last. The scientific findings announced following the two years spent conducting the research stated the five mediums being studied produced accurate and replicable after-death communications.

The performance of the mediums in each experiment was far better than could be expected for random responses and responses provided by the controls. The restrictions placed on the mediums were increasingly stringent as well. In the first experiment, the sitter was seated behind the medium, but the medium could hear "yes" and "no" responses. In the experiment with the most restrictions, the sitter was at a remote location and neither the sitters nor the mediums could hear each others' actual voices. The five mediums still succeeded.

Even an agnostic scientist like Schwartz, after reading this book and studying the data from the experiements, will be forced to admit that at least with these five mediums, there was definite communications with the dead. Many profound questions are born if the hypothesis that some people can talk to the dead is validated. The very question of when life begins and when it ends has to be addressed.

Religious scholars have opined that the soul lives forever but this is the first time the premise has ever been validated by men of science. Then why hasn't the rest of their community hailed their findings and attempted to replicate them with their own experiments? Consciousness survives after death. That sentence should have been placed in banner headlines in newspapers across the world, yet, for the most part, it was ignored.

I challenge you to read The Afterlife Experiments and then try to defend the scoffing of the skeptics. I bought the book at Half-Price Books for less than eight bucks. Not a bad investment for information that can change the world as we know it.

Jeff Brailey

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

December 21, 2012 -- The End?

Are you prepared for December 21, 2012?

Never before in history has there been a date so significant to so many governments and cultures, so many scientists and prophets, and so many people around the world.

Can anyone deny the signs of destruction that already are upon us?
...volcanic eruptions...
...tsunamis... warming...
...disregard for human life...
...human suffering...
...wars and rumors of wars...
...increased terrorism...
...increased nuclear threats...

And can anybody believe the following predictions and occurrences are coincidental?

The ancient Mayan calendar ends in 2012.

Hopi Indian tradition predicts a great purification of earth.

Nostradamus speaks of a devastating asteroid striking earth.

The Chinese I Ching predicts the end of history.

The Bible foretells a coming apocalypse.

The prophesies of St Malachy predict one more pope.

Edgar Cayce predicts the return of Atlantis.

Albert Einstein warns of a polar shift.

NASA confirms intense solar storms are coming.

Earth will complete its 26,000 year wobble.

Our sun will align with the plane of the Milky Way.

The time will soon be upon us when the earth can experience renewed enlightenment or a new beginning or will we all be witness to final destruction? It is up to us.

Divine Love & Forgiveness

When our hearts are aimed at eternity and our souls are at one with the soul of nature and the sacred heart of divine being, we are able to offer mercy and compassion to those who cross our path. We come alive and radiate the deep love that penetrates and nurtures the universe and our souls. This is the love that makes forgiveness possible creating fields of empathy between us and our brother or sister. It's depth is endless because it contains everything and gleams through creation connecting and healing life. From this deep well of love we learn to express compassion. It is at the core of eternal bliss that we can fill and carry pitchers of hope and peace into the world.

We do not have to be afraid of opening our hearts to swim in these mystical waters. The images that dwell in those deep, sapphire currents are the archetypes of all life, the original imagery of creation. We are the final product of their merging!

The feelings of fear are natural when we face the unknown, when we don't quite know how another will accept us or even if others will love us at all. We can be sure of one thing. Other people carry the same fear of not belonging or being loved and of facing the spiritual dimension with courage. Yet it's that fear that we need to take with us past the guardian at the gate because our conversation with eternity will be enriched.

If we carry our hopelessness and resentments into daily interaction with others we remain hollow and empty. We must explore our darkness within and take it to the Most High. Life is constantly challenging us to forgive one another, to look each other in the eyes and feel that the suffering carried by one is carried by all. For we are a collective race and the weakest link in the chain determines the strength of the chain. Our spiritual traditions call us to love one another because we are all connected in the vibrant, unified field of life.

The darkness that enshrouds our hearts at times may bring us to the brink of despair, but it's going to make us grow. And the darkness our brother or sister directs at us is not from their soul, but from their emptiness and lack of love. Darkness is merely what shows up when love is exiled from the center of being. The soul is fabricated with strands of love and yet twisted and knotted by our experience of failure and our inability to overcome the hurt with the healing power of love which flows naturally from divine love.

In order to attain spiritual victory in our lives we have to learn to love from the core of our hearts, not just the surface. If we hold onto resentments stemming from the tragic events that life often conjures at the core while acting happy on the outside, we cannot look each other in the eyes, the windows of the soul because our grief is too heavy and shameful. The sanctity of manhood and womanhood emerges when the grief is faced and defeated. Then we open to the full joy of life and embrace each other as beings of love who are able to forgive and be forgiven.

The society that we've created teaches us to compete with one another. This competition can be healthy like iron sharpening iron or it can become distorted. There's a huge difference between a parent or a sibling or friend who is emitting the light of love as opposed to one who instructs others in the discipline of hatred by their examples. When the barriers are erected around the heart, the ability to nurture is lost. A man or woman who is in touch with the Eternal One is able to teach discipline and nurture offering guidance, wisdom, and compassion. There's nothing worse than a man or woman disciplining young men and women in the dark art of isolation. That only sets the stage for the flood of loneliness which results in a polluted spring in the heart. This nourishes no one and bubbles with the poison of separation and domination. When men and women have to control life, and especially the people in their lives, they lose the possibility of delving deeper into the rich waters of compassion, imagination, trust, and mercy.

How does it feel when you are thirsty and someone offers you a drink? How does it feel when you are offered food and your stomach is aching for nourishment? It's the same feeling when the heart feels welcome, invigorated, and loved. In offering another soul a cup of water from the abyss of eternal love within, we soothe the whole of life. We act to teach others through our example. Your brothers and sisters will be inspired to reveal their light to others despite the wounds, and this will create a chain reaction of love that can melt the barriers encasing the hardest of hearts. Nothing can resist this love. It is such a pure, potent force. It holds the planets in orbit around the sun and it encourages all life it meets to grow in the art of love.

It is an art because we must have the vision that comes from immersing ourselves in eternal love and the courage to paint the glorious colors we have found on the canvas of our lives. Then we move the hearts of others who witness the bright dance. Once we have discovered unified being, the holy waters can do nothing but glisten in the wake that we leave behind wherever we walk and with whoever we meet, especially the stranger who thought he was beyond love.

In this ocean of compassion our lives ignite with a new kind of vision. As we discover islands of inspiration and shores that we never dreamed were possible, our eyes glow in the sheer ecstasy of exploration. The imagination awakens to guide the strokes of the paint brush we use to infuse life with our love. And in that artistry we serve life with the deep devotion that comes from humility. Once we have seen how fragile life can be, we are encouraged to help others through our compassion and forgiveness.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Meeting of Souls

The discovery of my twin soul is not really an extraordinary story, but what has followed is. I had just undergone a painful divorce and was living in the same house one of her friends resided in. It was March 2. I had seen her frequently since January and had not said two words to her at any one time. "Hi" and "bye" were the extent of our conversations. She is only 24-years-old and frankly I was and am not romantically or sexually attracted to her mainly, I think, because of the huge gap in years between us. She is 10 years younger than my youngest daughter, after all.

Then in March, I noticed her carrying a book by Sylvia Browne and I asked her if she was interested in the psychic world. We talked nonstop for about seven hours that day. We felt as if we were old friends and there was a strong bond we both felt and that keeps growing to this day.

There was an instant recognition. From that first realization that we were more than strangers until today, communications has become easier. We have always finished each other's sentences, from day one. Since that first meeting, we have actually learned to communicate telepathically and each of us can often feel what the other is thinking from a distance. She is impossible to lie to because more often than not she already knows the answer to any question she asks me.

We have literally lived together in the same hotel room ever since this first meeting. There is absolutely no sexual component to our relationship. It is totally spiritual. It is difficult to explain so I will let this essay I found online do it for me:

~Twin Soul Mates or Twin Sources~

Twin soul mates are people you've shared a special bond of friendship with in many lifetimes. You feel completely natural and open with them.

Meeting a twin soul mate is like running into a good friend you haven't seen for years. You immediately feel comfortable with this person and you pick up the relationship where it left off in a previous life, just as if there hasn't been any time lost between you. You recognize a twin soul mate as someone with all the characteristics of a companion soul mate, but with a much stronger bond between you. Twin soul mates are usually close family members or special friends. Look at the really good friends you have who understand you completely, and you'll be looking at twin soul mates.

Very often, you don't even need words to communicate with them because your souls are in tune on a telepathic level. You intuitively know their thoughts and feelings. You may also find that many experiences in your present life parallel those of your twin soul mate.

Together, you help each other in many different ways to grow and learn and your friendship becomes stronger. Your present relationship usually lasts for several years to your entire lifetime. If you part company, you usually part in a positive way and you value the friendship you've shared with them.

If the bond between you becomes stronger due to positive and continued interactions in the present, there can be an extremely HUGE bond between you so that when you lose that person, either to death or some other circumstance, it may feel as if a part of you has died as well.....

There are several indications that my twin soul and I are true soul mates. Let me list them:

  • We are magnetic opposites. A function of soul mates (twin souls) is to mirror one another's less realized and actualized traits and talents and blend them into a productive, balanced partnership.
  • Neither one of us is perfect and this has caused us to discard our wish lists of ideals. True soul mates need not match your qualifications for the perfect mate or match. Rather, she or he is a "soul match," meaning they will help evolve your soul out of its previous conditioning and urge you to perfect the love you were meant to give freely and unconditionally.
  • A dream announced our entrance into each other's life. Before we met, we both had dreams of going to a warm climate for spiritual reasons. I actually dreamed of Sedona, Arizona and my twin soul was also told of this by a psychic she consulted some time before we met.
  • Unusual and magical circumstances surrounded our meeting and continued during the weeks that followed. Circumstances out of our control and not of our making drew us closer together.
  • A divine spark lit our hearts the moment we both met. The divine connection between twin souls creates a synergy that ignites each other's hearts with a powerful love energy - a spiritual chemistry.
  • We seemed oh so familiar to each other. Soul mate relationships are karmic which means we may have spent several lifetimes together. Each soul remembers the other intimately, even if details of past lives are never revealed.
  • Our relationship presents challenges that seem like unfair spiritual tests. Soul mates are meant to grow spiritually through tests of their divine love for each other and these tests are never easy.
  • Our life experiences contain uncanny parallels. We suffered some of the same emotional issues and shared some of the same traumatic experiences. Each souls legacy somehow mirrors the others so they can bond emotionally and serve one another with compassion through the psychological healing process.
  • Finally, we are on the same sheet of music with our visions and aspirations for the future. We have vowed to serve together for the greater good of humanity.
I realize many of you reading this posting right now consider it to be delusional at best. Most of you will probably disregard it as pure pap. But there are some who, once they read it, will become curious and will maintain an open mind as they study some of the links I have provided and use Google to validate what I have written. I appreciate your inquisitiveness. Then there are the very few who believe already and do not need validation. Brothers and sisters, I welcome you all to life and light.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vision #2

At approximately 2 AM on Christmas Eve morning, I was talking on the telephone to a nurse friend of mine who worked in the neonatal unit of a large Indianapolis hospital. We were less than five minutes into our conversation when, for no apparent reason at all, I blurted out, "Go check on your mommies and babies."

My friend replied, "What did you say?"

I responded forcefully, "Hang up the phone and go check your mommies and babies Go check them now!"

My friend later reported that when she got off of the phone she immediately went to check on her patients. In the first room she entered, she found a mother standing over her baby's basinette having just picked the infant up to feed. No sooner had my friend approached the mother that she said, "I don't feel good," just before she passed out, dropping the newborn in the process. My friend snatched the baby in midair just before it would have hit the floor had she not been in the room. The mother had passed out from low blood pressure.

Vision #1

I saw a man dressed in an old fashioned train conductor's uniform. It was December 22, 2007. The Conductor was standing by the open door of a baggage car on an old train. There were mountains in the background. I recognized one of them to be Mt. Ranier in Washington State.

The conductor, who had been facing the scenic view passing by, turned towards me. He had a sad look on his face. He shook his head from side to side. I felt he was trying to tell me that there would be a train accident in the Pacific Northwest. There would be a derailment but the Conductor told me telepathically that no one would be killed or injured.

I awoke from this vision and immediately took pen to paper, writing:

December 22, 2007, 0549 hrs.

I see a train derailment somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. No one was injured or killed.

The next morning, I performed a Google News Search and found a small article concerning a train derailment. It read, "The Canadian Pacific Railway reported 39 cars on a 118 car train derailed near Anamoose, southeast of Minot. C.P. spokesman (sic) Diane Feigel said the train was eastbound when the cars went off the tracks at about 3:45 AM (local time).

Interestingly, when you take the time difference between Indianapolis and Anamoose into consideration, the Canadian Pacific train derailment happened about the same time I was having my vision.

Talking To The Dead

Talking to the Dead
By Jeff Brailey

A frozen rain and snow mix covered the ground as I left the house. For a moment, I toyed with the idea of blowing off the 140-mile road trip to Florence, Kentucky. I could think of a dozen reasons to jump back into bed and only one reason to brave the winter weather – curiosity.

I opened the car door, adjusted the seat and turned the ignition. Suddenly the distinctive voice of Gordon Lightfoot flowed from my radio speakers. “If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts could tell, just like an old time movie, ‘bout a ghost from a wishing well…”

The hair on the nape of my neck stood up and that song cinched it. Even a blizzard couldn’t keep me from receiving my first psychic reading.

About four weeks earlier I emailed an Indianapolis psychic requesting an interview for an article I was thinking of writing. It took her two weeks to reply and when she did it was to ask questions about the nature of the proposed article.

I wrote back that with renewed interest in psychic phenomenon, evidenced by the Court TV show Psychic Detective and the new hit NBC series, Medium, I thought readers might be interested in her work.

Within a few days the psychic sent me a rather terse email stating she was not seeking media attention at this time. A couple of days later came the invitation to the reading Gordon Lightfoot convinced me to attend.

My Indianapolis psychic and a Kentucky counterpart were holding a reading for around six or eight people in Kentucky and since I had expressed interest in their work, I was invited to receive a free reading. Because the two women have no desire whatsoever for media attention, I’ll call them Beverly from Indy and Jan from Kentucky.

I arrived in Florence about an hour and a half before the scheduled group reading. I stopped in a strip mall parking lot and pulled out the email directions and phone number Jan had sent me. Large snowflakes fell as I dialed.

A vibrant cheery “Hello” filled my ear.

“Is this Jan?” I inquired.

“Yes Jeff, it’s me.”

I didn’t ask how she knew it was me. I told the friendly psychic I arrived a bit early and asked if she would mind if I came over. She said, “I wish you would.”

I arrived at Jan’s comfortable condo about five minutes later, meeting her husband who introduced me to her.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Jan said shaking my hand, “Your father has been here all morning.”

“My father!” I said shocked. “Are you sure?”

“Well, he says he’s your father, Jan laughed.

When Jan is scheduled to do readings, she prays about each individual she will read that day. When she prayed my name she said my father immediately came through. She described him as being tall, very energetic and a fast talker. I concurred with her description.

We agreed to wait for Beverly to arrive from Indianapolis before starting the reading. I sat down and gathered my thoughts.

My father was actually the last person I thought would contact me from the Great Beyond. He passed away 41 years ago. We were not particularly close. His sudden death had a profoundly negative affect on the relationship between my younger brother and me.

We chatted for a while and when Beverly arrived, introductions were performed and Jan told her about my pushy father. Beverly went to freshen up as other guests arrived for the reading.

Since my father had been waiting the longest, mine was the first reading. What I heard from Jan and Beverly caused a dam in my brain to burst and my emotions came out as forcefully as a flash flood. They revealed information no one but my family members are aware of.

For example, Beverly said, “It was his heart and it happened at home very suddenly and you were not there.”

“Your father loves you, although he didn’t always tell you, he’s telling you now,” she continued.
Jan chimed in, “He’s talking so fast. Slow down, we’ll be here, we aren’t going anywhere.” Then to me, “You have two fathers or another man you consider your father.”

“Yes, my step dad” I replied.

“He and your dad were friends before he crossed over,” she accurately reported. I had known Jerry since I was a little kid. He married my mom four years after my father passed away.

“They are together,” both psychics said with laughs, “They were pranksters in life and are a couple of pranksters there too.”

That was true. Dad was one of the world’s great practical jokers and when he got together with his friends, especially Jerry, it was usually pandemonium.

I thought nothing could shock me anymore but what came out of Jan’s mouth next floored me. “Tell your mother they are together and they all will be together when she crosses over, just as they will be together in death.”

I never told anyone about the gravesite where my father and step father are interred. A stately granite stone sits in the middle of the plot. My father is buried on the front side and Jerry is on the back side. Mom will share the plot with them when she passes.

There were quite a few more revelations that validated that my father contacted me from beyond the grave. An uncle, a nephew and a cousin came through. Jan and Beverly told me things I thought no one in Indiana or Kentucky could know about my family and me.

The reading continued with each person in attendance affirming the presence of a loved one who had crossed over. Some of their revelations were as shocking to them as mine were to me.

I have began reevaluating my beliefs about eternity and life after death. My experience was not spooky or scary. In fact, it was reassuring and comforting.


New Direction

Those of you who have been reading this blog for the four years it has been in existence, have kept returning it for information about and progress on my personal battle with CAD and cardiologists who are quick to cut. My medical condition has become so stable that I feel continuation of my medical story would be fairly dull and redundant.

In December 2007, my life took a remarkable turn. I began experiencing phenomenon that can only be described as psychic and paranormal. These experiences have only grown more intense as time goes by. Since there are several people interested in this new facet of my life, I have decided to dedicate this space mainly to the spiritual journey I started on March 2, a short 45 days ago.

It will be necessary to provide you with a bit of background information before I dive right into December. Over two years ago, I wrote an essay titled, Talking to the Dead. Although I did publish it on a small literary website, it has been sparsely read. That essay follows this short introduction.

Other essays and informational pieces will follow until I have brought the reader up to date with my life. As you vicariously accompany me on this journey, I invite you to make comments and ask questions. I don't promise to answer or acknowledge them all, particularly the hateful or frivolous ones. But I will allow them all to remain on the blog as an example of the intolerance and fear some people have about the new subject matter of this blog.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still Kicking

Well, it's been nearly two months since my last entry. I thought I'd better create a posting so you all would know I am still alive and kicking. I am doing very well. I can't remember the last incident of angina pain so I guess the EECP keeps working well after the therapy is over.

I am in the process of preparing to relocate to Sedona, Arizona and hope to have made the move by the end of June at the latest. I will keep you posted on the reason I have moved more than halfway across the country once I get settled in. Those who know me will be in for quite a surprise, I am sure.

Also, look for a change in the subject matter of this blog come the summertime. I started it in 2004 as an effort to alert unsuspecting patients to the unscrupulous practice of putting greed before the patient's welfare. I still believe way too many CABGs are performed in the United States but my life has taken a huge turn that has prompted me to choose one cause over the other. I will still rant about cardiologists who coerce their patient's families into getting unnecessary and expensive surgery. The medical terrorists, as Dr. Howard Wayne referred to them, will get know peace from this quarter.

Take care for now and remember always get a second opinion before allowing them to cut.