Friday, April 18, 2008

Vision #2

At approximately 2 AM on Christmas Eve morning, I was talking on the telephone to a nurse friend of mine who worked in the neonatal unit of a large Indianapolis hospital. We were less than five minutes into our conversation when, for no apparent reason at all, I blurted out, "Go check on your mommies and babies."

My friend replied, "What did you say?"

I responded forcefully, "Hang up the phone and go check your mommies and babies Go check them now!"

My friend later reported that when she got off of the phone she immediately went to check on her patients. In the first room she entered, she found a mother standing over her baby's basinette having just picked the infant up to feed. No sooner had my friend approached the mother that she said, "I don't feel good," just before she passed out, dropping the newborn in the process. My friend snatched the baby in midair just before it would have hit the floor had she not been in the room. The mother had passed out from low blood pressure.

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