Friday, April 18, 2008

New Direction

Those of you who have been reading this blog for the four years it has been in existence, have kept returning it for information about and progress on my personal battle with CAD and cardiologists who are quick to cut. My medical condition has become so stable that I feel continuation of my medical story would be fairly dull and redundant.

In December 2007, my life took a remarkable turn. I began experiencing phenomenon that can only be described as psychic and paranormal. These experiences have only grown more intense as time goes by. Since there are several people interested in this new facet of my life, I have decided to dedicate this space mainly to the spiritual journey I started on March 2, a short 45 days ago.

It will be necessary to provide you with a bit of background information before I dive right into December. Over two years ago, I wrote an essay titled, Talking to the Dead. Although I did publish it on a small literary website, it has been sparsely read. That essay follows this short introduction.

Other essays and informational pieces will follow until I have brought the reader up to date with my life. As you vicariously accompany me on this journey, I invite you to make comments and ask questions. I don't promise to answer or acknowledge them all, particularly the hateful or frivolous ones. But I will allow them all to remain on the blog as an example of the intolerance and fear some people have about the new subject matter of this blog.

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