Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Meeting of Souls

The discovery of my twin soul is not really an extraordinary story, but what has followed is. I had just undergone a painful divorce and was living in the same house one of her friends resided in. It was March 2. I had seen her frequently since January and had not said two words to her at any one time. "Hi" and "bye" were the extent of our conversations. She is only 24-years-old and frankly I was and am not romantically or sexually attracted to her mainly, I think, because of the huge gap in years between us. She is 10 years younger than my youngest daughter, after all.

Then in March, I noticed her carrying a book by Sylvia Browne and I asked her if she was interested in the psychic world. We talked nonstop for about seven hours that day. We felt as if we were old friends and there was a strong bond we both felt and that keeps growing to this day.

There was an instant recognition. From that first realization that we were more than strangers until today, communications has become easier. We have always finished each other's sentences, from day one. Since that first meeting, we have actually learned to communicate telepathically and each of us can often feel what the other is thinking from a distance. She is impossible to lie to because more often than not she already knows the answer to any question she asks me.

We have literally lived together in the same hotel room ever since this first meeting. There is absolutely no sexual component to our relationship. It is totally spiritual. It is difficult to explain so I will let this essay I found online do it for me:

~Twin Soul Mates or Twin Sources~

Twin soul mates are people you've shared a special bond of friendship with in many lifetimes. You feel completely natural and open with them.

Meeting a twin soul mate is like running into a good friend you haven't seen for years. You immediately feel comfortable with this person and you pick up the relationship where it left off in a previous life, just as if there hasn't been any time lost between you. You recognize a twin soul mate as someone with all the characteristics of a companion soul mate, but with a much stronger bond between you. Twin soul mates are usually close family members or special friends. Look at the really good friends you have who understand you completely, and you'll be looking at twin soul mates.

Very often, you don't even need words to communicate with them because your souls are in tune on a telepathic level. You intuitively know their thoughts and feelings. You may also find that many experiences in your present life parallel those of your twin soul mate.

Together, you help each other in many different ways to grow and learn and your friendship becomes stronger. Your present relationship usually lasts for several years to your entire lifetime. If you part company, you usually part in a positive way and you value the friendship you've shared with them.

If the bond between you becomes stronger due to positive and continued interactions in the present, there can be an extremely HUGE bond between you so that when you lose that person, either to death or some other circumstance, it may feel as if a part of you has died as well.....

There are several indications that my twin soul and I are true soul mates. Let me list them:

  • We are magnetic opposites. A function of soul mates (twin souls) is to mirror one another's less realized and actualized traits and talents and blend them into a productive, balanced partnership.
  • Neither one of us is perfect and this has caused us to discard our wish lists of ideals. True soul mates need not match your qualifications for the perfect mate or match. Rather, she or he is a "soul match," meaning they will help evolve your soul out of its previous conditioning and urge you to perfect the love you were meant to give freely and unconditionally.
  • A dream announced our entrance into each other's life. Before we met, we both had dreams of going to a warm climate for spiritual reasons. I actually dreamed of Sedona, Arizona and my twin soul was also told of this by a psychic she consulted some time before we met.
  • Unusual and magical circumstances surrounded our meeting and continued during the weeks that followed. Circumstances out of our control and not of our making drew us closer together.
  • A divine spark lit our hearts the moment we both met. The divine connection between twin souls creates a synergy that ignites each other's hearts with a powerful love energy - a spiritual chemistry.
  • We seemed oh so familiar to each other. Soul mate relationships are karmic which means we may have spent several lifetimes together. Each soul remembers the other intimately, even if details of past lives are never revealed.
  • Our relationship presents challenges that seem like unfair spiritual tests. Soul mates are meant to grow spiritually through tests of their divine love for each other and these tests are never easy.
  • Our life experiences contain uncanny parallels. We suffered some of the same emotional issues and shared some of the same traumatic experiences. Each souls legacy somehow mirrors the others so they can bond emotionally and serve one another with compassion through the psychological healing process.
  • Finally, we are on the same sheet of music with our visions and aspirations for the future. We have vowed to serve together for the greater good of humanity.
I realize many of you reading this posting right now consider it to be delusional at best. Most of you will probably disregard it as pure pap. But there are some who, once they read it, will become curious and will maintain an open mind as they study some of the links I have provided and use Google to validate what I have written. I appreciate your inquisitiveness. Then there are the very few who believe already and do not need validation. Brothers and sisters, I welcome you all to life and light.

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