Saturday, May 03, 2008

Positive Affirmations

I was first introduced to the concept of Positive Affirmations when I was a sergeant stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in the mid 1980's. A couple dozen of us were preparing for the Combat Medic Mini Marathon that was to be held at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

I was accustomed to running two to four miles at a time but was no where near ready to the more than 13 miles of running required in a mini marathon. After a few weeks of training, I was able to break the six mile mark but there seemed to be a wall that was stopping me from running any further.

Frustrated, I even had thoughts of dropping out of the group going to the mini marathon and when I expressed these negative thoughts to the sergeant major of our unit, the man in charge of our training and the leader of our group, he chided me for even thinking of being a quitter. He told me he had a secret that will allow me to finish the mini marathon.

"Jeff, when you reach the point in the run you feel you can't go any further, I want you to start reciting, over and over again, either out loud or silently, 'I look great, I feel great, I act great, I am great,'" the sergeant major told me.

This was the first time I ever heard of positive affirmations but the sergeant major had never steered me wrong in the past so I decided to give it a try. The very next training run, repeating the sergeant major's simple mantra in my brain, over and over again, I managed to surpass the six mile mark and make it to the seven mile point as well. Within a week, my affirmation was taking me eight miles, then nine, until finally, a month after beginning to recite my positive affirmation, I was completing the 13 mile training run.

Positive affirmation is a powerful psychological tool that allows us to push ourselves beyond what we previously believed was our limit of endurance. I recently began a program of daily positive affirmations as part of my spiritual preparations for relocating to Sedona, Arizona. These simple exercises have brought clarity to my mind and enhanced my sense of purpose.

I would like the reader to consider using a daily positive affirmation in your life. I will even make it easy for you by listing the affirmations I used last week. All you have to do is wake up in the morning, go to a quiet place, and spend your first waking ten minutes of the day repeating a positive affirmation. I also try to set aside ten minutes in mid morning, after lunch, in mid afternoon and after supper to say the positive affirmation of the day. I think you will be surprised at the difference positive affirmations will make in your life.

Daily Positive Affirmations
May 4 to May 10, 2008

Sunday, May 4 - I use my courage and strength to take new risks and complete difficult tasks.

Monday, May 5 - I am openness, willing to show myself to others, ready to receive their confidences.

Tuesday, May 6 - I gather the strength to open my eyes and see the sources of my mental confusion.

Wednesday, May 7 - I am potential, committed to developing the talents and opportunities I have been given.

Thursday, May 8 - I am stability and movement, able to keep my balance in the midst of change and competing desires.

Friday, May 9 - I am new emotional energy, I open myself to experience its depths, I give voice to my longings and desires.

Saturday, May 10 - I am a fruitful gardener, ready for harvest, created by hard work, discipline and organization.

If the concept of a daily affirmation is new to you or if this is something you already knew about but were not in the habit of practicing, I would be interested in your thoughts about daily positive affirmations. Why not give it a try and then send a comment about your experience?


gohardorgohome79 said...

Dear Jeff

That is a great post, and I so agree with the power of positive affirmations. I discovered affirmations a few years ago, and I have used them since, at the beginning with curiosity, then with faith; I even got myself out of a cold in one day by repeating "I'm perfectly healthy" consistently for the day :-)

I wrote a page on positive affirmations that I thought you may find relevant:

Best wishes


Jeff said...

Christina, beautiful sentiments. The mind is powerful but we can affect it and the body through simple positive affirmations. I wish everyone would try it. Might save them a trip to the doctor.

gohardorgohome79 said...

So agree - it may save a trip to the doctor :-)

Amazing to see all that we can do when we really take control of ourselves.

God bless you