Thursday, May 01, 2008

Love & Wisdom

Man knows love exists, but doesn't know what love is. The word is used every day in so many ways: love of country, brotherly love, a husband loving his wife, a love of sports or a love of material things, a love of life. Yes, love is a word which is often used but seldom understood.

As misunderstood as the concept of love is, more and more people in the world are beginning to realize we should all be striving for that highest form of love -- Divine love. This is a love derived from God and directed toward God and all living creatures, unconditionally. God is the very essence of love, without Him, there can be no love.

Love cannot exist without wisdom. Love and wisdom make up the very core of what God is. God loves everyone from love in Himself and leads everyone to wisdom from Himself. The love God gives us is ours to give everyone else, but first, we must love ourselves as we love God.

From divine love and wisdom flows the good and the truth. Everything that proceeds from love is called good and everything that proceeds from wisdom is called truth. May all of our eyes be open to the goodness and truth in the universe.

Love and Light,


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