Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Heart Frauds

When it comes to heart surgeries, Heart Frauds author Dr. Charles T. McGee writes, "As Harvard professor Braunwald predicted, a financial empire has developed around surgical procedures on the heart. With so many powerful vested interests involved, it will be difficult to change how American doctors treat patients with coronary artery disease. No one who is currently gaining from the system has any incentive to try to stop the unnecessary costs and suffering." In other words, surgery makes money and surgery is what medical professionals are trained to do, so rather than exert the time and energy to try more conservative treatments that could threaten their very careers, medical professionals often turn to surgery as their most immediate and financially logical avenue. "The economic incentive for a physician to operate on you is great. Surgeries make doctors a lot of money. Doctors are human beings and they are not immune to the lure of bigger profits," according to Prescription Medicines, Side Effects and Natural Alternatives by American Medical Publishing.

Dr. McGee's bookk is available from Amazon and you may read another review below and order the book at the same time!

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Anonymous said...

I read Heart Frauds a few months ago. Excellent book! Really gets you thinking!