Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ramblings about Dr. Wayne

I was going through some of the files on my laptop yesterday and I came across a document Dr. Howard Wayne gave me last June during my last checkup with him before his death. He was excited about his book that would becoming out with weeks. I had told the doctor that if he wanted a testimonial or anything, I'd certainly be willing to provide one. I considered Howard Wayne the most giving and caring physician I ever met, and I have worked in the medical field since 1969.

At any rate, he said, "No, but you keep writing your blog and telling people that there is an alternative to coronary artery bypass grafts."

Since I began cranking out more and more articles and commentaries on this blog, I have been receiving a lot of reactions from patients and family members of patients who were treated by Dr. Wayne. It is incredible how similar their experiences with the medical community in general and cardiologists in particular have been with mine.

I have never received information or letters about any of Dr. Waynes' failures. I have searched for evidence that he has ever been sued for malpractice. I find no negative marks against this physician and that alone is a remarkable fete for a doctor who practiced as many years as Dr. Wayne did.

In January, there will be a memorial service in San Diego for Dr. Wayne. I don't have the date, time or place, yet, but when his lovely wife sends me that information, it will be posted on this blog. If I don't have too be in West Africa working on my job that would have been impossible to do had I allowed a cardio-thoracic surgeon to perform a 5-vessel bypass on me almost three years ago, I will be there with you all.
Do You Want to Make A Difference?

Many of Dr. Wayne's patients or their spouses or children
have contacted me by e-mail to related their personal
stories about this fantastic physician. I would really like
to post them on this blog, with your permission. If you know
any other patients, send this blog address to them so they
also can contribute. We need to let the world know there IS
an alternative to cutting and invasive diagnostic tests.


Jeff Brailey


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Anonymous said...

Jeff, you may post anything I send you.
We MUST make the difference! :)

Maria form Mexico City.