Friday, December 08, 2006

Maria Iglesias from Mexico City, Mexico, is the wife of one of Dr. Wayne's patients. A few days ago,, she emailed me to tell me she found my blog and she has given me permission to print her letter:

Dear Jeff,

I keep reading your blog. I thank you for writing it, so people can learn the truth.

I liked very much your post from Dec. 5. I could have written that story! I want to share our story with you.

Today (Dec. 7), 3 years ago, my husband, Nicholas was told he needed to undergo CABG immediately after an angiogram showed 2 main arteries 100% blocked.

But "Your heart is in great shape!!" he was told.

We asked every Cardiologist at the hospital how his heart could be in such a good condition if the arteries were completely blocked. We never got a good answer.

Most were similar to "We don´t know, that's very uncommon".

My husband said he was going to have a second opinion.

My father is a cardiologist and he reasserted the hospital's opinion.

My husband decided he preferred to run the risk than having his chest opened.

We started a meticulous search in the Internet. We were mainly looking for alternatives like chelation therapy.

Then I ran into Dr. Wayne's website. ( It was like a miracle sent by God. He was exactly what we were looking for although we didn´t know it yet. I didn´t tell my husband at first because I didn´t want him to cherish false hopes.

I printed most of the website and showed it to my father. As a retired cardiologist he was VERY interested. He told me to write to Dr. Wayne as soon as possible.

I sent several emails to Dr. Wayne, but he was having trouble with his Internet connection at the time, so I didn´t get a response.

I finally told my husband and he made a call to Dr. Wayne's office and left a message.

Gypsy (Dr. Wayne's wife and partner) answered back soon and told him strongly, "Reject the surgery. She told him that Dr. Wayne wanted him to increase the Isosorbide dose and she dscribed a little about the dangers of surgery. She gave him an appointment for last January.

Our experience with Dr. Wayne was very similar to yours. We arrived early to the appointment and waited for him in the small reception room. When we met him we thought he was at the most 70 years old.

He explained us in great detail his beliefs about angiograms, angioplasty and CABG. He also talked about angiogenesis and collateral circulation.

Then we moved to the next room and he did all his tests. He explained us everything he was doing.

He confirmed Nicholas heart was in great condition. I remember his very first words when he looked at the image in the echo machine: "Piece of cake". I know this may sound silly to most people, but for us, after being bombarded for weeks by the medical terrorists, it came as an enormous relief.

My husband also has high blood pressure. 190/120 while squeezing the instrument. He prescribed medication and told us to come back in a year.

I remember asking Dr. Howard if my husband needed to follow a special diet. His answer was "He's not sick, he's not fat, why do you want to put him on a diet?" :-)

We paid the $1600 and thanked Dr. Wayne. We also thanked God for letting us find him.

And now we are in the search of a new doctor. We are so saddened because of his death.

Besides sharing our story with you, I wanted to suggest you reading this: , though maybe you already know about it.

It´s a discussion of another Dr. Wayne's patient with a cardiologist in Atlanta.

Thanks again for your blog.

Best regards from Mexico City

Maria Iglesias

Thank you Maria. I am confident as long as we follow the medical regimen set forth by Dr. Wayne, we will be able to live to be 83 too. But we must take charge of our own health. We must not listen to the misinfomation of undertrained interventionalist cardiologists. We must seek out physicians who are believe the lives of their patients is more important than the number of zeros in the bank account, doctors who are invested in the health of people, not the wealth of their portfolio.

I urge others to join us in this campaign to make coronary artery bypasses about as common as adenoidectomies. Contact your friends and relatives who may have heart problems and be intimidated by their interventionalist cardiologist. Basically, that's about everyone over the age of 50.

I certainly urge everybody to buy Dr. Wayne's last book by going to his website. I bought two, one to loan to doctors who don't know and to patients of doctors who don't care.

Thanks for visiting my blog. We appreciaye your active support, not financial by any means. Publicity is more important than money in this battle.

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