Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Returned to My Indiana Cardiologist

Well, I had an appointment with my cardiologist's Physician Assistant this morning and was she ever surprised. Remember, this is the Indiana cardiologist who thought I needed a bypass operation when he last saw me in May.

Now I have been on my medication regimen since June 6, have lost almost 10 pounds,, feel great and look well, too. She was shocked at my low blood pressure (80/50) and took it twice. She was surprised to find my BP rarely goes above 90/50 any more and that my lightheadedness is pretty much gone. She gave me a cursory physical exam, listened to my lungs, heart and abdomen with her stethoscope, asked several questions and then declared that since Dr. Wayne is going to see me once a year, Dr. Cory can do the same. My next appointment is Sept. 26, 2005.

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