Saturday, September 18, 2004

RE: Two Basic Angina Questions

Re: 2 basic angina questions

Originally Posted by EWF
Hi, there ... I hope someone can clear up 2 questions (mostly out of curiousity) that have been floating around in my mind lately:

1. It is said that most exercise-induced angina lasts only a few minutes and then subsides when activity is stopped. So I'm curious, if one does not stop exercising upon feeling the pain, wouldn't the pain then last for the entire duration of the activity, i.e., more than just a few minutes?

2. Is angina always accompanied by shortness of breath?

Thanks for any insights anyone may have to offer.

I can only speak to my angina symptoms. Before I began treatment, I would get a tightness in my chest that would last for about five minutes after I ceased the activity that precipitated the discomfort. I would not characterize the sensation as "pain." It usually was not accompanied by shortness of breath but I do recall one instance when I was walking up a long hill when it was. I sometimes didn't stop and wait for the discomfort to subside and it never got worse once it reached a certain point. So to answer your question -- Yes. I was given NTG 4mg to take sublingually three times five minutes apart. Often it would not stop the symptoms, only rest would.

My chest tightness could be caused by walking briskly a few blocks or carrying heavy objects. I have not had the chest tightness since I began my medical program.

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