Saturday, September 18, 2004

WordWorks2001 Uncensored

I was posting on a message board at for several months and it was not an experience that was open to the free and unfettered exchange of ideas. So, I decided to start my own board. I may not get as many people noticing my writings as I did at HealthBoards, but I will be able to say my mind without fear of being banned.

And, anyone else who wishes to reply may do so, without far of censorship. But your words and ideas may be challenged. If that doesn't bother you, WRITE ON!

1 comment:

cromeyellow said... is run by a bunch of fucking Nazis who censor anyone who doesn't fit into their mold. I found that for example on the Addiction & Recovery page anyone who posts that lifelong drug use is GOOD stays on, and anyone who types that Clean adn Sober is the best way gets BANNED.

Obviously these Moderators are methadone-heads or worse themselves.....