Saturday, September 18, 2004

Why we are here...

Well, everyone has to be someplace, every minute of the day. Since wordworks2001 was banned from for speaking his mind, I decided to move many of my posts from that site to this blog. Unfortunately, I was unable to replicate my original posting to HealthBoard, which was titled "My Experience with Cardiologists." At the time of my banning, the thread which began in May 2004, had more than 3150 views, by far the most hits of any thread on the board. I have decided to move my comments about heart disease, hypertension and the lot to Blogspot, where freedom of speech reigns for all, including anyone who would care to reply or comment.

Although I began this blog today, I have back-dated my blood pressure readings to the dates I emailed the reports to my cardiologist. I think many of you with a traditional view of the treatment of hypertension will be surprised.


Tham said...

I found out your blog when searching
Google today with two keywords -
"Healthboards" and "Banned". I was
banned today.

I was first suspended, then banned,
then IP blocked, all within moments
after writing this email to the mods
which is reproduced below with their
reply. I further replied just now that
checking the net produces evidence
that their moderators are apparently
behaving like Nazi Gestapo or SS
concentration camp officers.

From: "HB Admin" (
To: Tham Wai Keong (
Subject: Re: Account Suspension and Removal of Post
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 20:28:08 -0800 (PST)


The purpose of a forum is the choice of the owner.

Your derogatory assessment of this website is incorrect and inappropriate. Please do use those other
websites more to your preference.


--- Tham Wai Keong ( wrote:

> Hello,
> Why was my account under the username "Waikeong" suspended
and my recent post under "Got Bad News" removed ?
> I did not post material by others, merely reproduced Medline studies, since your forum does not allow links,
which virtually all other professional forums which I have been to allowed,
and even advocates as long as they are not spam or porn, which is after all the purpose of the Internet - to disseminate
useful information, including medical studies, for the good of all other users Without such links, what is the purpose
of an internet forum anyway ?
> As an example, look at the forums of the Immortality Institute ( and Life Extension Foundation. Even
this internet security forum, Wilders Security ( a highly professional and respected forum, allowed my entire and totally offtopic post about the benefits of vitamins in slowing down aging, which included Medline links as an example of the benefits of tocopherol succinate inducing apoptosis of breast, prostate and colon cancer cell lines, when I was
replying to one user's questions as to the purpose of ordering vitamins online - which compromised one of my friend's (from Dayton) credit card
details and was the original subject of my thread !
> Or is it, as I suspected, that this "peer-review board" (controlled
> by the AMA ?) is biased against information on vitamins against
diseases and aging, considers the value of cutting-edge supplements in life extension worthless, intentionally bans the advocacy of alternative medicine such as homeopathy - and does not want the public to have access to such info ?
> If this is the case, I would not want to accept such a policy and will take part in other more ethical and open
boards, such as those of the Immortality Institute, in future.
Thank you.
> Regards,
> Tham

Tham said...

This is quoted from another blog "

"This just goes to prove that a bad mod can make or break a board.
I used to frequent until the mods went completely psycho
and banned about half the members.
Granted it is a free site, but it is now a lifeless husk of its former self."