Sunday, October 03, 2004

October Update

Well, at least one reader left a reply to a couple of posts since I began this Blog, so perhaps my story is being read by people who have been told they need coronary bypass surgery and probably really do not. I continue to do well on my medication regimen, however, in the past couple of weeks I have noticed a slight rise in my blood pressure readings throughout the day. Before, I was averaging around 90/50 or slightly lower. Recently, they have been around 100 over 56, not a very perceptible difference, however, I have noticed some occasions of what I would describe as "chest discomfort a couple of times this week. Of course, most chest symptoms people experience are not related to the heart, so I am not really worried about them, especially sense my heart rate continues to be strong and normal.

I also will admit to increased symptoms of arthritic pain, especially in my back and neck, where I have DJD and my knees and shoulder as well. Frankly, I attribute these aches and pains to the changes in the weather the fall brings. This morning, as I type this entry, it is 37 degrees in Brownsburg, Indiana. I already take two aspirin four times a day so I will not take any other pain medication to ease the pain. However, I have become more liberal in the application of analgesic balm. Oh well, I guess I'll send Dr. Wayne an update email tomorrow and see what he says about the blood pressure readings. Until next time,hang in there and enjoy life.

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