Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Open Letter to Clinton Supports

Dear Clinton Voters Who Now Support John McCain:

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." That adage came to mind when I saw a Hillary Clinton supporter announce in a political ad that she is now going to vote for John McCain.

Although I am not a member of any organized party (I am a libertarian-leaning independent), I can't help but feel sorry for the Democrats. Because this and a few other backers of Senator Clinton didn't get their way, they petulantly abandoned their party's choice even though he mirrors most of Clinton's ideals.

McCain is the very antithesis of Clinton and Obama. Yet this woman, who can't stand not getting her way, abandons her party to stump for him.

This woman had no interest in the country. She obviously supported Clinton because she was a woman. No doubt she would vote for any woman on any ticket, be her name Ann Coulter or Minnie Mouse.

This phoney democrat would rather give George Bush four more years in power by supporting his Republican surrogate than to cast her ballot for real change and voting for Obama.

The Republicans have effectively turned our democracy into a totalitarian state by skillfully playing on the fears of its citizens. Bottom line for this woman in the political ad is this: Lady, to elect John McCain guarantees four more years of bad government.

Clinton Supporters -- better you sit this election day out then take America further into the abyss. Please spend November 4 in bed pouting rather than going to the polls and casting a vote for John McCain.

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Nicolas Martin said...

McCain is not the "antithesis" of Obama. There is broad agreement on many issues.

Like McCain, Obama supports FISA. Neither has said he will close the secret CIA overseas prisons, or end the US role as world cop. Neither has signed the "no first use of nuclear weapons" pledge. Both support Georgia's entry into NATO, and obviously NATO itself. Both support farm subsidies and attack "Big OIl." I could go on and on, but at their ideological cores the two are very much alike. They support a large, intrusive, and militarized government.