Thursday, August 21, 2008

Book Review

Mama Rock's Rules: Ten Lessons for Raising Ten (or Less) Successful Children Mama Rock's Rules: Ten Lessons for Raising Ten Successful Children by Rose Rock

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Rose Rock is comedian Chris Rock's mama. She raised seven children and this book tells you how she did it. It may be the most important child-rearing manual since Dr. Benjamin Spock published his seminal work.

Moma Rock's Rules ius chock full of practical advice that will make any mother's job much easier. If a parent took half the tidbits called "Mama's Mojo" that are spread throughout the book and put them to use, he or she would find raising his or her child a piece of cake.

In 10 informative chapters Mama Rock does what a whole season of Super Nanny tries to do. Each chapter includes a summary of rules and strategies at the end. I like the way the book is laid out almost as much as I do the incredible information contained in it.

If you are serious about parenting and want to raise some great kids, buy this book. At $22.95, it is a great investment in your child's future.

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