Friday, August 15, 2008

Can You Say 'Sudatanland?'

Russia knew exactly what it was doing a week ago yesterday when, in reaction to the Republic of Georgia's military incursion into the Atonomous State of Ossentia, it sent troops into two separatist regions of Georgia. It's a safe bet the military minds of the Kremlin reviewed their history of World War II and assessed the ability and willingness of the rest of the nations of the world to react before sending its 'peacekeeping' troops and their tanks, artillery and MIGs into South Ossetia and then Georgia itself.

Now Condi Rice is trying to convince the president of Georgia to sign a peace deal that allows Russian troops (peacekeepers?) to remain in the separatist states and parts of Georgia for six months. This agreement could have been authored by Putin himself. And Rice claims she's an expert on Russia? It seems to me that Bush and Rice, although they don't realize it, are dancing to Putin's song.

Wait a minute. Ther's more! Since Poland has decided to allow the USA to install a missle defense system on the former Soviet satellite's territory, another dangerous aspect has been added to the region's troubles. Was it really that important we get these missiles into Poland at a time when the region is broiling over? Is Iran really poised to nuke Israel or Europe? Make no mistake, this senseless and unnecessary agreement approved by Poland yesterday did absolutely nothing to foster peace between Russia, its pro-western former satellites and the USA.

In fact, Russia says the Poland/US defense pact will not go unpunished but it doesn't say who will be punished. You can bet a truck load of Polish sausage it won't be the USA. But the big question is what will or can the USA do to protect Poland?

Like the Russia/Georgia War, this military geopolitical clash between Putin and Bush is far from over and Russia is in the catbird seat.


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