Friday, August 08, 2008

Life Goes On...

or so I'm told. It's been a rather rough year. I won't rehash my medical conditions, they've already been mentioned in my last post.

I won't expand on or reveal any more compulsions, obsessions, addictions or other bad habits I've been fighting of late either. Suffice it to say, at this point, I think I've fought them to a draw.

I appreciate the 10 comments that were made about my last post of July 24. I never realized there were so many people out there who thought so well of me.

My days have been taken up with reading for the past several weeks. In the morning, I go to my nearby local public library to return the books I read the day before and check out new ones. Then I go back to my small apartment and spend the rest of the day, late into the night, reading.

I listen to NPR religiously. Sometimes I write letters to the editor of the local newspaper in the little town where I now live. I post the books I read on my wordworks2001 page at, sometimes with a short review. I don't own a TV.

In September, I plan to begin publishing the revision to my book on my Ghosts of November blog I hope to complete the project before the 30th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre -- November 18.

Most of my days are spent in introspective solitude. I go days without discourse or conversations with other human beings. Exceptions occur occasionally when I go to the supermarket or laudrymat. In fact, the last time I used my voice was a week ago tomorrow when I visited the local laundry. I have no telephone.

This may seem like I difficult lifestyle, especially to those who know how gregarious I am and how much I enjoy talking. I love conversation! But I've also grown to appreciate aloneness as well.

My life has become a meditation. Silence has become a gift I truly treasure.

I invite you to participate in or at least observe my simple life by reading my posts on this blog and checking out the revision of my book on the Ghosts of November blog.



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Glad you're back!