Sunday, July 29, 2007


I received an email from my friend Maria in Mexico City yesterday. Sadly, it is as difficult there to find a noninvasive cardiologist as it is in the USA. Here is her news:

Hello Jeff,

I was reading your blog today. I´m sorry to know that Dr. De Vries is leaving his practice.
And I´m sorry that every doctor wants to do an invasive test in order to prescribe EECP to you.

We are also still seeking a real noninvasive Cardiologist, we haven´t find one yet. Every potential doctor does not want to hear about anything but CABG for my husband.

All this is almost unbelievable :-( , but sadly very true not only in the USA, but at least in Mexico too.

Have you talked to Gypsy? We talked to her last February. she said she was actively trying to find someone interested to buy Dr Wayne's practice. We haven´t heard from her since then.

I´m constantly searching information in the Internet, I ´ve found a few doctors that call themselves noninvasive.
I have not talked to any of them, so I don´t know how true is that. I want to share their names with you, probably you already know them. Maybe one of them can help you.

I was thinking that probably this Dr. Chung could prescribe you the EECP treatment. I don´t know anything else about him than what he has posted in that Cardiology forum, but at least he says he would respect the patient decisions.

There is also this noninvasive center that prescribes EECP:

Another noninvasive Cardiologists: Dr. Thiak: , Dr. Gould : , Dr. William R. Davis and

My best wishes in your search.

Best regards from Mexico City.


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