Saturday, July 07, 2007

Number of CABG's to Increase

Three years and three months ago, I was told by a cardiologist in Indianapolis, that if I didn't undergo a quintuple coronary artery bypass within a few days, I stood a good chance of having a stroke, heart attack or being dead within three months. My heart is still ticking, it is still receiving vital oxygen and I didn't have to have my chest cracked open. I was put on a course of medication which I continue on today. If you want to know the whole story and truth, start reading this blog from the first post until the last. AND BEWARE OF NEW RELEASES LIKE THIS ONE.

New Trend Reverses Almost 5 Years of Decline

WALTHAM, Mass., June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Millennium Research Group (MRG)has conducted a detailed analysis of the cardiac surgery market in its US
Markets for Cardiac Surgery 2007 report. The analysis reveals that there will be an increase in the number of coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)
procedures in 2007.

This marks the first time in almost 5 years that CABG procedures have increased over the previous year. The historic decline was due to the adoption and
increased popularity of less invasive methods of coronary revascularization.

These less invasive procedures have had their safety called into question over the past year.

Safety concerns of alternative procedures, combined with the increasing incidence of heart disease and demographic pressures will result in uncharacteristic CABG
procedure growth of 0.9% during 2007 and will help to support nominal growth in overall CABG procedures through 2011.

Clinical data published in late-2006 questioned the efficacy of percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) and particularly drug-elutingstent (DES) procedures
for the treatment of certain forms of complex coronary artery disease (CAD).

Published data reported increased risk of late-stent thrombosis associated with DES implants up to a year post-operatively in patients with complex CAD including
multi-vessel or left main artery disease.

"The increase in CABG procedures in 2007 reverses a long-standingdecline," says Nadia Lachowsky, Senior Analyst at MRG. "CABG is a proven choice for many physicians
and patients. It will likely remain an importantoption for complex CAD despite technological advances in minimally invasive

Besides CABG devices, the US Markets for Cardiac Surgery 2007 report covers markets for heart valve devices, endoscopic vessel harvesting
devices, anastomosis assist devices, cardiac assist devices (ventricular assist devices, intra-aortic balloon pump catheters, total artificial heart
devices), surgical ablation probes, and transmyocardial revascularization devices.

What this report fails to tell you is upwards to 95% of all CABG's performed in the USA are UNNECESSARY.

It fails to tell you that the CABG is one of the biggest money makers for hospitals, cardiologists and cardio-thoracic surgeons.

It fails to tell you the most prudent initial treatment of conditions like angina and CAD is medication.




Anonymous said...

I am just about ready for bypass surgery. Without it I would die. It is as simple as that. I cannot walk accross a room without having angina. I am worthless when it comes to doing any work. I have zero energy.

I am going to try the new "minimally invasive surgery" that the Cleveland Clinic does. I have 5 stents now. I had a heart attack in 2003.

Anonymous said...

it all depend on how much your coronary disease is progress if you have 90% left main and not fixed by surgery or angioplasty (they cant find out unless they do angiogram),you might be at risk of having a massive attack then death.that what happened to my uncle .it was not cardiologist fault ,that is not what i am saying but the suggestion was to be on medical managment after four months he did not make it. (it all depend on family history,age,lifesyle (be carefull)

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