Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My EECP Begins Soon

Today my quest to receive EECP therapy has taken a giant leap toward fruition. I had an appointment this afternoon with a cardiologist from the South Texas Cardiology Consultants in San Antonio. His name is Dr. Kenneth LeClerc and he calls himself an invasive noninterventionalist. Although he does use invasive diagnostic procedures, he treats without surgery. He is not requiring me to have any invasive procedures before beginning the EECP.

I arrived in the Alamo City last Friday to continue the search for someone who will prescribe a course of EECP. I started in Indianapolis where the cardiologists who would prescribe it also required an angiogram. Anyone who has read my site knows what I think of angiograms.

The only tests Dr. LeClerc required were vital signs and an EKG. He does want copies of all the lab work my primary care physician in Indianapolis has in my records.

I should begin my EECP on Monday, 13 August. It takes 35 sessions over seven weeks to finish the therapy, but there is an at least 85% chance it will be successful and my angina symptoms will be controlled for at least five years.

It was a little more than three years ago I started on the late Dr. Howard Wayne's medical regimen. If indeed EECP gives me five more years, I will have lived eight years longer than the cardiologist who wanted to subject me to a quintuple bypass in 2004 said I would.

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That is good news!!!! :)

Maria Iglesias