Thursday, August 30, 2007


I finally began my therapy this past Monday. Yesterday, we went for an hour and got up to the highest therapeutic setting. My therapist, Daphne, is impressed with my tolerance of this rather grueling therapy.

Velcro-secured wraps are placed securely around the legs and lower torso. They squeeze your body every time the heart is at rest. Yesterday Daphne took the pressure up to 6 psi, the maximum therapeutic level.

All of the literature says not to expect to feel any positive results until you have completed around a dozen of the 35 sessions. Well, it may be my imagination, but my tolerance for exercise seems much better and I have had to use nitroglycerin twice since Monday.

It has been a long arduous road from the time I decided to take charge of my own body in 2004. In April of that year, an Indianapolis cardiologist characterized me as a walking time bomb (see the beginning of this blog for more information) unless I had a quintuple coronary artery bypass. I got a second opinion and the rest is history.

To recap, it has been more than three years since I declined to receive the bypass. The EECP will give me another 4 to 5 surgery-free years. That means my life will maintain some semblance of untraumatic normalcy for a total of 8 to 9 years.

American doctors, especially invasive cardiologists and their cardio-thoracic surgeon allies are too quick to cut. Their decisions re based more on the personal finances of the physician and the greed of the hospital they work in.

I agree with the late Dr. Howard Wayne's label of these doctors as "Medical Terrorists." I sincerely believe they use their license to practice medicine as a license to commit assault with a deadly weapon. What else would you call unnecessary invasive surgery you are coerced into receiving?

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Chuck said...

Since I live in San Antonio and am very much anti-heart cath, I am very interested in your comments. Is the MD you list the only one at that office that will perhaps not require a cath or are there others. I've love to find out a little more.