Monday, March 26, 2007

Victims of Statins

More Testimony from Victim of Statins

"Since my husband, a previously alert and healthy man, started taking Atorvastatin, our lives have changed horrendously for the worse,'' writes a lady from Middlesex, echoed by others troubled variously by loss of memory, irritability, lethargy, personality change, melancholy, insomnia, excruciating muscle pains, numbness and burning of the hands and feet, bowel disturbances and much more.

There is no doubt that statins are to blame , as the improvement in in those who have "given them a rest'' verges on the miraculous.

"I felt like an old man of 90 and had to use a walking stick,'' writes a formerly very fit ex-Marine from Dorset, who has since returned to his thrice-weekly workout in the gym.

If you are concerned about statins, see the website of Florida physician (and former Nasa astronaut) Duane Gravelin,,) where he has posted the experience of several hundred statin victims.

Next, you need to know two important facts that together would reduce the number of statin prescriptions by 70 per cent.

First, the cholesterol level in those who are otherwise fit and well (the vast majority of those on statins) is a weak predictor of heart disease. This particularly applies to those aged 65 or over, in whom there is an inverse relationship, according to a study in The Lancet five years ago, so that the lower the cholesterol the higher the risk of "all-cause mortality''.

The pounds 1 billion a year spent on statins would pay 70,000 more nurses. That shows the extravagance of this current medical enthusiasm where family doctors get a financial incentive to turn the fit and healthy into forgetful cripples.

If you want to look after your heart, buy a dog and have a pre-prandial whisky every evening.

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