Saturday, March 10, 2007

Stop Working? No Way!

Anyone who has been following my blog knows I decided to take an alternative treatment to the quintuple bypass surgery my Indiana invasive cardiologist wanted me to have in 2004. My angina disappeared for two-and-a-half years on medication alone. In November 2006, the angina reurned. It is "stable" angina, occuring on exertion, readily relieved with NTG sublingually. It seems to occur mostly when my blood pressure show a diastolic reading of over 80 and a systolic of over 128.

My cardiologist, who is not a true noninvasive practitioner, has cooperated with my desire to continue medical treatment rather than undergo a bypass. We are fiddling with my meds and I am watching my diet better.

There is some consternation that I have opted to contineu working in an isolated part of the world, Nigeria, however, I choose to keep working because it is what I enjoy doing the most. There is another person I know of who has many medical, especially cardiac, problems and he too has decided to keep working. I can't say, I want to emulate him or that he is my hero, because I am vehemently opposed to his politics, however, I do give him credit for being his own man.

See his story here.

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