Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Noninvasive Imaging Technique

A study focusing on a new non-invasive imaging technology--one that may enable more precise diagnosis of coronary artery disease and treatment tailoring in individual patients--was released by Israeli researchers at SNM's 53rd Annual Meeting June 3-7 in San Diego.

"This work presents a new non-invasive cardiac imaging technology for the assessment of ischemic heart disease--also known as coronary artery or coronary heart disease--caused by the narrowing of heart arteries, which prevents blood and oxygen from reaching the heart muscle," said Zohar Keidar, deputy director of the nuclear medicine department at Rambam HealthCare Campus in Haifa, Israel. "This new modality (or technique) enables--in a single imaging session--accurate evaluation of cardiac blood vessel narrowing and blood supply to the heart muscles," said the co-author of "Assessment of Hemodynamically Significant Coronary Artery Lesions--Initial Experience With an Integrated SPECT/CT Device." He added, "These initial results suggest that this novel non-invasive imaging technology will enable more precise diagnosis of coronary artery disease, thus leading to treatment tailoring in the individual patient who may be directed to either invasive or conservative medical procedures."

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