Friday, November 10, 2006

Do You Really Need Bypass Surgery? A Second Opinion

Imagine an epidemic that causes over 300 heart attacks or deaths every single day of the year.

Each year over two million patients undergo coronary angiograms, coronary bypass surgery, angioplasty, or have stents inserted into their coronary arteries. The vast majority undergoing these intervengtions are INCORRECTLY that these procedures must be performed immediately and that, without recommended intervention, they are at great risk for a heart attack.

Rarely is the patient provided with TRUE INFORMED CONSENT about the high rate of complicvations in such surgery, including heart attack or death, or that there are OTHER OPTIONS for both diagnosis and treatment that are far safer, more effective and less costly. The expense of all this effort, as well as the number of lives lost, is staggering.

Yet, simply put, bypass surgery and the insertion of stents are OBSOLETE. Accordingly, all of these procedures are unnecessary. Worse, they are responsible for over 35,000 DEATHS, 65,000 HEART ATTACKS and a whole host of surgical complications a year.

In contrast, modern therapy with FDA approved drugs and guided by modern, noninvasive imaging technology, can transform heart problems due to coronary artery disease into a BENIGN ILLNESS with a normal life span. In short, heart attacks and premature death from coronary artery disease can be prevented in patients without surgery.

This information may seem unbelievable and startling to many of you. But it can be found, with documentaion from reputable medical authorities, in Howard Wayne's new book, DO YOU REALLY NEED BYPASS SURGERY? A Second Opinion. Dr. Howard Wayne, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.C.,F.C.C.P., and F.A.C.P., was the director of the Noninvasive Heart Center of San Diego until his untimely death on October 23, 2006. He would have been 83 years old a few weeks after his death, which occurred while on vacation with his family at Lake Tahoe.

The book documents Dr. Waynes' radical statements with over 360 references from the medical literature. It describes how this cardiologist, with a full time practice, who sent many patients for angiograms and bypass surgery in the earlier years of his career, to someone who did not send a patient for surgery during the last 11 years of his practice. His patients almost never have heart attacks and the vast majority are symptom-free.

If you or someone you love have heart disease, this is a must read. This book will save lives. It is available from this website:

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