Wednesday, February 09, 2005

We're Still Kicking

Belated New Year greetings! I have been so busy writing and enjoying life that I completely failed to post a new years greeting. Well, since the Chinese Lunar New Year just passed, let this one be in honor of that holiday.

I remain healthy, although I did gaain too much weight since the onset of winter. My blood pressure continues to fluctuate between a systolic of 90 - 100 and a diastolic of 48 - 60. I feel good and am completely free of angina.

I managed to sell a piece I wrote about gambling to a local weekly tabloid here in Indianapolis, Nuvo, although I am not sure when it will be published. I also am writing and will offer for sale, an article I recently wrote about psychics. My book, The Ghosts of November, may have a new publisher, I will let you know when and if it happens.

I also will try to be a better poster this year, but wcan make no promises. Well, take care for now and remember -- ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION BEFORE YOU LET THEM CRACK YOUR CHEST!

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