Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Life is Beautiful

Well, its only a week until the end of February. It has been a fairly comfortable winter, with only a few snowy days and nights and not all that much cold weather. I am anxiously awaiting the spring though. I look forward to planting some gardens and basically getting outside more than I am now.

I need to get my activity up. My slothfullness of winter has caused me to develop an extra layer of fat, like a bear puts on before going into hibernation. My health is fairly good, although my back and neck are in constant pain, probably from some degenerative joint disease that I've had at least since I retired from the Army in 1988. My heart keeps on ticking and my blood pressure is maintained at an average of around 90/54 by the medications Dr. Wayne put me on last June.

Speaking of Dr. Wayne: In mid June, I shall be journeying back to San Diego on the second of what I hope are decades of annual visits to see the amazing noninterventionalist cardiologist. If you do not know about Dr. Wayne, please go to the first message on gthis blog and read up on what the man has done for me.

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