Tuesday, September 09, 2008

An Open Letter to Republican Apologists

Face facts Republican apologists, Sarah Palin is a liar. She took a walk across the Bridge to Nowhere before it was built. Unfortunately, for her, she couldn't walk on water.

What are Governor Palin's lies? Her first was saying she opposed that pork barrel project when she actually supported it from the beginning. Her second lie was claiming she saved the American taxpayers money by nixing the bridge.

The truth is Palin not only supported building this bridge, she had nothing to do with its cancelation. And as to saving American taxpayers money, Alaska didn't get the White Elephant Bridge but still received $223 million from the taxpayers.

This isn't Al Gore claiming, in a slip of the tongue, to having invented the Internet.

This isn't Joe Biden plagerizing during his collegiate years.

Sarah Palin is a full grown woman, a purported Christian, a public official, who has told lies to make herself look fiscally tough.

A Republican president has fed this country eight years of lies and has nearly destroyed it in the process. We need to elect a vice president who doesn't base her qualifications on a lie.

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Nicolas Martin said...

The grave problem facing America is not that politicians lie -- they always have and will. It is that government is vastly more powerful than optimal, and growing by day. By their natures all governments are socialist institutions, and all politicians are socialist operatives, whatever their political affiliations. Socialism is impractical and destructive of freedom. Is there any way back from the Big Government abyss? Not that I can see.