Monday, February 19, 2007

Mail Call - Where are all of the Noninvasive Cardiologists?

On 2/18/07, Dave wrote:

Hi Jeff:
I am a retired lSG living in Louisville, KY and never thought twice about heart problems! Had a mycardial infarction in 1974 while in the hospital at Ft Knox. Recovered well and have never taken anything other than a aspirin daily for it! I was referred to a Cardiologist by my Family Dr (Internal Medicine) "because your 76 yrs old, had a heart attack and on-set Type II diabeties"! I made the initial appointment and was scheduled for a stress test, echocardiogram and whatever the test is that takes about 30 minutes under a scanner in the morning then again right after the treadmill! Was informed I failed the stress test and apparently have blockage to the front of the heart; need to have a angioplasty and to determine if stints are appropriate or "we may have to go from there to more extensive surgury" My question of you is where did you find the info for locating a Cardiologist that tries medication first rather than doing the catherator bit! My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are good with medication and my diabeties well under control also! I noticedl you were from IN so thought maybe you knew of someone in this area that fits my need!


Hi Dave,

Nice to know a fellow E8/1SG/MSG (R) has the sense to do research and seek out second opinions. I found Dr. Wayne in a Google Search and that's also how I located his temporary replacement, Dr. Stephen DeVries. I Googled the words noninvasive and cardiologist . While there were some names that came up closer to me, oe in Indianapolis, for example, they were in a traditional group practice and I felt they were not independent enough. But the key is stay away from INTERVENTIONAL and INVASIVE Cardiologists. They are the ones that want to pierce your skin and fleece your pocketbook.

You sound like the average American who has had sn MI. It just goes to show us that not only the guy with high cholesterol has to worry, an MI can hit even those of us in great shape. I just finished reading Charles T. McGee's Heart Fraud: Uncovering the Biggest Medical Frauds in America . In this explosive book, the author validates something Dr. Wayne preached, cholesterol levels and types don't matter squat and the angiogram is a worthless test. McGee does endorse what he calls a Quantitative angiogram.

You are correct to question any cardiologist whose treatment of choice is a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft without first trying you on a regimen of medications. Doctors who don't tell what all of your treatmet alternatives are and the risks and benefits of each, aren't worth their salt and are not to be trusted. They are medical terrorists, looking to assault your body to make themselves rich. If you are able to go to an Army cardiologist or one at the VA, I am pretty sure you'd get a better opinion because you would be getting it from a physician who had no financial interest in the type of treatment you are put on.

If I hear of any doctors in Kentucky who are noninvasive cardiologists, I wikll definetely contact you and put it in my blog. Please let people know about my blog and do keep in touch.

With Warm Regards and Hope.

Jeff Brailey

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